Interview to Ralph Cola

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1.- Cosmic Joke is about to be released. Do you feel like something has changed with the project since you released National Zero?

 Hello friends! The main thing that’s changed is my life. My life is pretty different now, but also remarkably the same in a strange way. I am doing different things, but I guess have just ventured further down the path that I was already on.

2.-This new record has some funky bass lines and jazz oriented tracks. How did you take the decision to incorporate these sounds into RC’s lo-fi pop rock?

They are tools that I find it incredibly easy to create with. My approach to writing music fits within the realms of certain aspects of these concepts. The disdain for pretentiousness whilst seemingly being pretentious itself.

3.-Did you get inspired from any specific artist for this new material?

Existentialists in general, Matisse, and a fair amount unusual music. There’s so much good stuff, it’s sad in way that we’ll never be able to experience it all. Yet uplifting that there is always more.

4.-You also released a cool video for “Must Be Tiring”. Who made this clip?

Clara and myself. It was a lovely day of wandering around.

5.-There’s some kind of irony in your video, starting with the big red letters stating: “Art not art”. How was the creative process behind this clip and behind Cosmic Joke in general?

 I’m glad you noticed! There are so many strange, interlinked jokes with myself throughout the entirety of the Ralph Cola work. References to obscure things; a lot of, as you mentioned, irony throughout the music and other mediums. It’s fun! I usually feel inspired for a week and then do everything at that time. It’s not necessarily ongoing, more just; live for a while, and then when it feels like the right time, make an account of it.

6.- How do you feel about the growing lo-fi music scene in the UK?

It’s lovely! There are so many wonderful people, having a nice time doing things. There are so many great musicians and artists and writers within it, whatever it actually is. Just lovely groups of people hanging around.

7.- Is there any kind of food that you would never try?

 Well, I’m a vegetarian that’s slowly transitioning to being a vegan. So I suppose quite a lot. But as for non-meat foods, I’m pretty much down for anything. The more you like the better, in general really. It’s kind of self-destructive to just dislike things without giving them a fair shot. But I do really fucking hate reggae.

8.- Any touring dates planned yet?

 We’re doing a bunch of shows! Check the Internet for them I guess. Sometimes we do things last minute. Sometimes we really organise things. Sometimes we don’t get out of bed. Thanks! Lots of love!


By Enrique Becerra


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