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Natalie Evans is a singer, songwriter and composer from England. She plays acoustic music and has just released a new single called “Under The Moon”. 

1.We know you play the guitar, the piano and the harp. When did you start playing and which instrument was the first?

I started playing guitar when I was twelve, piano three years ago and harp about two years ago.

2.In november this year, you released your latest single with a happier sound playing the harp. Can we expect your next releases to sound similar to what we Heard in “Under The Moon”?

“Under The Moon” is the only electronic sounding new song I have at the moment, but that’s not to say there won’t be more some day. I really enjoyed the combination of harp and beats and it was fun to write vocals over.

3.Do you have plans for a full length album after your single?

I do! It’s mostly recorded and I’m really excited to put it out there. I also have a split vinyl coming out with Yvette Young in a few months on Friend of Mine Records.

4.How’s the process when you’re composing music and writing songs?

I tend to write lyrics throughout the day/night – as and when they come to me. The song writing process is different every time. Some songs have taken me months to write and others I’ve written in a few hours. I make time to write music every day and if I find a melody I really like I think about it pretty much constantly (even in the back of my mind) until the song is finished.

5.Which artists have influenced you the most?

Some big influences of mine are Peter Broderick, Joanna Newsom, Tigran Hamasyan, TTNG, The Smiths, and Active Child. Also, some musician friends of mine: Yvette Young, So Much Light, Apidae and my producer Martin Ruffin.

6.There’s an amazing Natalie Evans collaboration with Apidae on Youtube. Have you collaborated with other artists or bands?

Thank you. Yeah I’ve collaborated with The Otter Years (TTNG side project), Delta Sleep (on their song “Camp Adventure”) and have been in other bands like Boo, Forever and You Could Be A Cop.

7.Have you planned any touring dates outside the UK for 2016?

I’m planning an EU tour with Yvette Young following our split release. I’d really like to go back to the US at some point too!

8.What would be the next instrument you’d like to learn to play?

Probably the violin or cello. I write a lot of music with strings and it’d be really satisfying to be able to play those parts. I also want to understand music theory better and work on my improvisation skills on all of the instruments I play.

9.Natalie Evans’s wish for christmas:

That all my friends and family are happy.



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