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Meltybrains? has consolidated a bizarre project of electronic, post-rock and progressive rock music with funky beats. In collaboration with other people they’ve created a band that is finding its own style, exploring a vast diversity of sounds and making creative live performances.

1. How long have you been playing together?

We started in 2010. We were in college together studying music, and three of the guys: Ben, Tadgh and Donnacha lived together and they just started making music at night in their laptops. For about two and a half years it was nonsense, I think you couldn’t consider it a band for the first two and a half years.

2. And then was your first release ever recorded in 2013? That’s the date of your oldest release on Bandcamp.

That’s definitely “Free Kyle”. Before Free Kyle we spent 3 years just writing and recording songs and putting them on our Facebook page, but they were never concise or part of a package. So we went to one of the guy’s houses with the intention of recording one song, and when we left we had 7 songs that turned into what was that release. Donnacha probably did most of the work on that one, that was kind of his baby. His little sister didn’t like the sound of it, so it took us seven songs until we had one that his Little sister liked. She’s a good critic!

3.Meltybrains? Is a whole mixture of experimental genres. Did you visualize from the beggining what you were going to sound and look like as a band?

People say that the music is weird and strange, but in all honesty we don’t realise that it is, so we just play literally whatever we feel like. It happens the same the way in terms of the way we look (…) I guess we try to dress as crazy as possible (…).

4.All along your discography there’s this kind of progressive tendency, for example in “Lightsnow”, it feels more progressive the song itself. What influences you? How do you create music as an evolving band?

Lightsnow was one of the few songs that’s actually about something, Donnacha had a job in a supermarket and he hated it so the lyrics were about that, and it’s quite dark and angry reflecting that, but generally the initial song writing is quite carefree, we just sort of put an idea there and slowly just turns into the song.That’s why it sounds progressive, because we are not thinking, with pop music you have to think very carefully about the structure of the song but with our music we don’t think at all.

Also Lightsnow sounds progressive because of Ben, Ben likes to never repeat things, as you can see he hasn’t repeated a single thing in all the interview.

5. How was the composing process for The Vine? It’s quite different from your previous work. 

Generally the music comes out quite dark, so with “The Vine” we decided to make a conscious effort to see how positive and how happy a song we could write, and it’s as positive as possible. And then New Don is the comedown, back to our good old dark selves.


New Don was out this november. Click here to watch “New Don’s video”

6. How was the transition from The Vine to New Don with this new atmosphere?

(…) We had a summer party, then the summer was over and all the drugs are done and it’s like trying to get your life back together and fail and that’s who New Don was.

7.Tell me more about the visual work for your music, New Don’s video and previous recorded material. Who helped you with that?

There’s a friend of us called Louise and she made the “Donegal” video, the “The Vine” video and the “Green, Yellow, Purple” video, she just seems to get the artistic view of what we are doing. She seems to visually represent us really well. And then for “New Don” we wanted to be involved so we did that with her, but she seems to understand how we need to look, which is very Handy.

8. Was it the same person that helped you to make the video for “Lightsnow”?

That was a different guy, we came up with that idea with him and we just shot it one night running around Donnacha’s neighborhood. With the videos, as well the way Louise works, and the people we like to work with, just sort of make it up as they go along.

9. I watched a few videos of your live performances. Do you get new ideas all together before every gig to make them that creative?

We always want to bring something different to every gig, like when we wanted to wear all white clothes because we wanted to get projections on us, and that is where the white masks came from. For the next gig that we are doing in Dublin we have this really interesting idea that we are not actually going to play, we are going to teach our songs to a children’s choir, they are going to come on and do the songs in a choir arrengement.

10. What’s coming now after you latest release and new video? Have you planned a full lenght album?

The plan is that we have four singles all slighly tight together. New Don was the first one and the next one is in the end of January, then in April and then May I think, and they are quite tight together those four, there’s a common theme. But in between we are going to put two more songs (…). In terms of an album we don’t think we are ready yet. Feels like something we need to maybe warm up to, we need to spend some more time getting familiar with what we wanna do (…).

 11. Before finishing the interview Tadgh from Meltybrains? wanted to share a story with us about the making of New Don:

I’ll talk you a bit about when we were recording New Don: Micheál kept messing up on his drums takes for like 4 hours, so we said: “Micheál why don’t you just go for a walk and clear your head? go and have a smoke and come back and try it again” so he went home and we played some music for a while and then an hour went by and he hasn’t still come back, so we went out looking for him and he was nowhere to be found, we tried to call him on his pone and nothing.. eventually 4 hours passed and we started to get worried, so we called his parents and he was nowhere to be seen. The next day in the studio Micheál showed up, with two polish women, having stayed all night getting fucked and showed up hammered drunk with these two women that’d been partying with him all night. There were two seats on the room so he put one on one side of the room, one on the other side of the room, they started to clap in time with the song and he got it in one take, so that was it, the drums were done. You can hear the women clapping and cheering if you listen really carefully.

-So finally I asked: what do you guys want for christmas? 

Polish women! (or a good record, a good song and more money).



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