Boy King Islands “White Mirror”.

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boy king islands

This weekend we had a listen to Boy King Islands latest album, White Mirror. This duo from California is the type of band that can’t be defined by a genre: throughout the album you get hooked by melodic vocals with experimental rock vibes, orchestral sounds and synthethizers mixing together. When a band combines so many instruments and aspects from experimental rock, shoegaze and psychedelic music, it isn’t easy to get the result with such a good quality, something that BKI has under control.

This record becomes more interesting as soon as “Crying Wolf” starts, sonorously speaking, it has everything you could expect from any experimental project, from the opening violins to the subtle percussions that they use all the way through the track, it evokes the nostalgia that characterizes them, then the distorted vocals in “Held” change the atmosphere of what feels like a follow up to Crying Wolf.

Lyrically speaking, this album deals with the passing of time and the complexity of relationships in a subtle, minimalist way. As the rest of the album progresses you can relate this band to a late folk with psychedelic influences. Yet this band has created their own identity from genres that are well known and explored by a lot of modern artists. Each track of this album has something to offer and the openings are really catchy which is something ejoyable on every record.

You can get their album on Bandcamp, here is the link to their most recent release:


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